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28 april 2012 

Personal trainer Ibiza | Professional trainers

Looking for a personal trainer on Ibiza? Book your professional personal trainer on the beautiful island of Ibiza. The trainers of Delda sport come to you on location with the necessary sports materials and bring you in the best shape of your life.


Where do you have to pay attention to when you book a personal trainer on ibiza?

When you book a personal trainer on ibiza it is important to pay attention to a number of things. Down below we give a number of points that you can look out for when looking for a personal trainer:

  • Everyone can now call themselves a personal trainer, so make sure that you  have a qualified personal trainer with enough experience;
  • Check out the personal trainer’s website and view the reviews on his website or even better the reviews on google to see how the experiences are with this trainer;
  • Do not go for the cheapest trainer, a good personal trainer has invested a lot of time and money in his education and is often fully booked. Do you want a good personal trainer do not go for the cheapest and pay for quality and results;
  • If everything looks good, take a trial lesson with this trainer and see if you feel good with the trainer and the training


What are the cost for a personal trainer on Ibiza?

What does it cost a personal trainer? You have several personal trainers in Ibiza with a large price difference. Do you really want a good personal trainer then you pay certainly between € 100 and € 250, – for a personal trainer session.

The trainer will come to you on location with the specified materials and ensures that you get in the best shape of your life in a short amount of time.
The trainers can help you also with your meal plan to achieve your goals.

good personal trainer on ibiza

Football legend Ruud Gullit with personal trainer Danny Delvers and Nick from Delda Sport

How do I book a reliable personal trainer on Ibiza

At Delda Sport you can go to book a professional and experienced personal trainer. We offer training courses of the best personal kickboxing trainers from the Netherlands with the right education and our trainers are reliable and discrete.

Our trainers all have an explanation of good behavior at the government of the Netherlands and are flexible and social. We make the training fun and effective and this ensures that you like the training every session. Take a look on Google to see the celebritys that are already training with the trainers of Delda Sport.

Send us an email at to book a personal training session or send uss directly a WhatsApp message :

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We discuss the objectives and the results to be achieved and after this we make a plan of action



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op 30 Apr 2018

hi, denk erover in juli weekje naar Ibiza te gaan en dan zou ik graag een aantal privé kickboks sessies inplannen. Twee vragen; hebben jullie ergens een locatie waar dit plaatsvindt en welke kosten zijn hieraan verbonden?



op 18 Jun 2018

Dag Anouk, de training vind op locatie plaats. De prijs is afhankelijk van wat voor traject jij wilt. Voor meer info kun je mailen op

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